7th May 2012

Yorkshire Setting for Countryside Poetry.

Seven Simon Armitage poems are set to enhance the Yorkshire landscape as part of a cultural project for the 2012 Olympics. The Stanza Stones trail is due to be completed by May 2012. The hand carved rocks will provide a unique, literary experience to walkers and ramblers and will leave a lasting legacy on this rugged landscape.

A series of seven original poems are to be carved into stones along the Pennine Watershed trail in Yorkshire. The works are already well under way and are expected to be finished by May 2012.

The unique verses have been penned by poet Simon Armitage, and are inspired by the water, in its differing forms which has, over the centuries created the dramatic landscape which exists today.

The completed works will form a trail between Marsden and Ilkley Moor and it is hoped that many visitors will come along and appreciate them. The locations of the actual sites of the carvings are being kept under wraps to create an exciting "treasure hunt" to be enjoyed by walkers and ramblers to the area.

The poems will form a semi permanent legacy on the landscape, until time and weather eventually erode the rocks and make them disappear. The carvings are the work of stonemasons Pip Hall and Wayne Hart and have taken several months to complete.