13th September 2016

Totally Thames festival back again for 2016

Once again the celebration of the river Thames which is known as The Totally Thames Festival, will take place throughout the month of September, 2016. The annual celebration of one of England's most famous rivers takes the form of arts festivals, regattas, river races and community events to name a few.

This year's event has grown in size and is now bigger and better than the previous events. With such huge range of differing events, there is certainly something for everyone to take in and enjoy.

One of the more popular and certainly most impressive events will be the "Royal Greenwich Tall Ships Festival", which takes place between 14th and 18th of September. There will be numerous talls ships all gracing the eastern end of the river Thames. Visitors will even have the opportunity to board some of the vessels for a close up inspection of life aboard one of these fine vessels.

Throughout the festival, for the best way to get a true feeling for everything that is going on, why not take to the river itself and get a true close up view of the events taking place all along the Thames on a river cruise?

This month really is the perfect time for anyone who has even the slightest interest in the Thames or anything nautical really. Concerts of many varied types will take place at various times and dates.

The popular and fun Thames River Relay, returns this year and will run until the 25th of September. Londoners on paddle boards pass the baton ( a bottle of water from the Thames at source ) from Gloucester to Southend.

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