24th October 2015

The Chinese Are Coming

Many Chinese people already live in various parts of the UK, with London and Manchester having their own Chinatown areas, students enjoy the education system the UK has to offer and of course we British enjoy our Chinese takeaways so what has actually changed.

The visa system is what has changed and for the Chinese this is significant change as from 2016 tourist visas for Chinese visitors will be extended from six months to two years, plans are also afoot to introduce a ten - year multiple entry visa.  The reason of course is to open the way for better trade links between the two countries and with the Chinese tourism bringing an extra £500 million to the UK economy each year, you can understand why David Cameron is putting these plans into action.

The growth in tourism from China has tripled over the past five years which roughly means each person from China spends just over two and a half thousand pounds every visit. It is not just the money going through the tills that counts, it means that more staff have to be employed to serve the extra demand on services, whether it be in a restaurant, a shop or a hotel, this is good news for everyone and we like good news.

A six-month visa currently cost £85 and the plans are that the new visas whether they be for two or ten years will be the same cost, thus enticing the Chinese to come to the UK and spend their pennies with us.  It is well known that the Chinese love our luxury brands, Harrods, Harvey Nicholls etc and they stay longer in the UK compared to other visitors from other countries.

This is good news for the British economy, the Chinese people and of course international links are strengthened...read more..